Ultimately, everyone wants to grow their business. A component of that growth is staying relevant and standing out within the industry. (After all, what is it that makes your customer base choose you instead of the next guy?)

Growth and relevancy are critical factors in running a successful business. But, like all essential things, they both take effort and purposeful action.

6 tips to help you out and get you started!

1. Build a Plan

Every purpose needs a plan, and every plan needs a purpose. Spend time analyzing where you want to grow, where you need to grow, and what’s standing in your way.

Having a strategic plan is like having a map full of guideposts to mark your way to success. Set SMART goals for the company and identify potential challenges ahead of time. Add to your resources by analyzing your competitors’ wins and losses, too. There’s no reason you can’t learn from their success and mistakes.

2. Boost Customer Involvement

You already know that great customer service is good business. One way to refine your customer service is by boosting your customer involvement. Involve them by asking for their reviews, gathering their input, and rewarding their loyalty. Customers want to know that they, and their opinion, matter to you.

Another way to involve them is by offering education on your product and services. Education, rather than hard-selling, builds trust and interest in your brand. It’s a big deal to today’s consumer, who is weary of being “sold to.”

3. Look for New Opportunities

In other words, learn to pivot. The last couple of years have taught everyone the importance of pivoting, but worldwide pandemics aside, it’s also an essential business practice. Look for new channels of revenue –ways to increase your bottom line. Implement more automation and efficiency. Knowing the thoughts and needs of your customer base will help you find those channels and stay relevant.

4. Promote Employee Growth

Retention saves you so much time and money –time and money that you can spend on growth rather than finding new employees. One way to retain your team is to offer incentivized, ongoing training. Providing the chance for your employees to grow personally encourages them to stay on your team and inspires an overall culture of growth in the company.

5. Take Action & Be Consistent

Zig Ziglar once said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

So, move forward! With your plan in place, step out and take action. Sometimes, implementing a growth plan takes raw courage. Sometimes, those steps are giant leaps, and sometimes they are bite-size steps. Either way, the point is to take action, keep moving forward, and stay consistent. Consistency is a crucial element of “moving forward.”

6. Hire the Right People

Finally, you can’t grow without the right team. You need people who will stand by your vision and offer their support and hard work to make it happen. Unfortunately, good help can be hard to find. But, lucky for you, the team at Gillmann Services can help you out! “We work for you!” is our motto. So call today, and let’s get started.