The Great Resignation of 2021 is still underway. Countless people worldwide continue to reevaluate their lives and their jobs. Many have changed their careers and industry; others have switched companies to want a workplace that aligns with their values. While some industries have been “hit” especially hard (for example, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment), manufacturing, construction, mining, and other skilled trade jobs have also been affected.

Perhaps as a skilled trade worker, you’re on the fence about making a switch to a new company? Maybe you know it’s for the best, but it’s been a while since you’ve had to look for a job and the whole process seems overwhelming?

Check out these hot job search tips –

  1. Network. Network.

Generally, internal referrals have much more traction (and turn into more jobs) than exterior applications. Knowing someone on the inside makes a difference.

Through networking, build relationships with people in the industry and surrounding companies that appeal to you—network at local trade shows and business mixers. Consult your local chamber of commerce to learn when and where such events are scheduled. “Networking” can also be as simple as striking up a conversation with the stranger in the check-out line or sharing your plans with friends and family. After all, everyone knows someone somewhere.

  1. Refresh Your Wheelhouse of Skills

Workplace skills (hard and technical) typically have a five-year lifespan. That means if it’s been a while since your last job search, your skill set might be a little outdated. Learn what skills and knowledge are now relevant in your trade. Do you need to refine skills, brush up on your certifications, and invest in personal growth? Remember, skilled trades incorporate many soft skills as well!

  1. Prepare Your Resume

Refresh and customize your resume. Ensure your heading is eye-catching and current. Review and update your skills, experience, and certifications. Include transferrable and soft skills, especially if they match job description keywords. Keep it clear, concise, and customized around those job description keywords. If you need help with formatting, find online templates or connect with a resume service.

  1. Strengthen Your Interview Skills

Even the most experienced interview veteran can get a little anxious. While interviewing for a trade job may be less formal than for an office job, remain professional, intentional, and thorough — the same preparation principles apply:

  • Research the company beforehand
  • Prepare insightful questions for the recruiter
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Make extra copies of your resume
  • Arrive on time
  • Dress the part — always be professional and neat
  • Have confidence in yourself and your skillset

All of these things set you apart from other candidates!

  1. Talk to Us!

During a job search, the best thing you can do is connect with us here at GSi! As your preferred skilled trade staffing agency specializing in construction, manufacturing, and mining, we can match you with your next career opportunity! Curious about jumping the fence and trying something new? Call us today, and let’s get started!