Building Information Modelling (BIM): A process of creating and managing information on a construction project from start to finish. This software is capable of:

  • Making a 3D rendering of a new building before construction.
  • Allowing you to view the building on-screen and determine the most durable building materials to use.
  • Saving companies thousands of dollars.
  • Helping contractors by being able to purchase in bundles that include scheduling, project management, and time management modules.

Drones: As the newest “…innovation in the construction industry, they have transformed the construction industry and now play a significant role in the planning, surveying, and data capturing process.” Benefits include:

  • Their ability to take high-resolution photos and videos of their sites and do laser scanning remotely.
  • Create a better work environment, a higher level of security and safety for workers.
  • They play a significant role in the planning and analysis stage of projects.
  • Affordability as price points decrease.

Green Construction: Offers several benefits to consumers and the environment, including:

  • The ability to build without harming the environment.
  • Effective management of available resources.
  • Protection of the natural habitat.
  • Creating a higher living standard for residents.
  • Increasing productivity in their offices.
  • Providing higher aesthetic standards.

Robotic Advancements

A continuing trend for 2020 is in the area of robotics. The construction industry has not fully embraced the new exosuit, or exoskeleton, which gives new meaning to the term, “suit-up.” First introduced by the military, the construction is a metal framework fitted with motorized muscles to mimic the wearer’s strength and skeletal structure. Factors that make this suit attractive include:

  • They help workers be more productive.
  • They can improve safety and prevent injury – especially in repetitive tasks.
  • They help construction workers to manipulate heavy loads.

There are a variety of styles available, and prices are falling as the technology advances.

It is evident in this, our Fourth Industrial Revolution, that innovation continues to pave the way to new technologies that help with efficiencies, production, the safety of construction workers and consumers, and our environment.

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