An expansive industry with countless opportunities, Mining “consists of the search for extraction, beneficiation, and processing of naturally occurring solid minerals from the earth.” These minerals include coal, iron, copper, or zinc and industrial minerals such as potash, limestone, and other crushed rocks.

Everything in our lives depends on these materials, from building and chemical materials to everyday electronics. Coal supplies the United States with about 50 percent of its electricity and is also used to manufacture steel and plastics. To say this field is well worth investigating is an understatement.

Choosing a career in today’s mining industry opens the door to many benefits, including:

Multiple Job Categories

From Occupational to Management, Business, and Financial Occupations; from Scientists, Engineers, Technologists, Financial Analysts, and Computer Programmers to Heavy Equipment Operators, Drillers, Underground Miners, and Construction workers, the list continues. Mining is a very diverse industry, with more than one hundred different job titles.

Multiple Skill Levels

These various job opportunities range from entry-level to doctorates

  • Entry-level: Little or no previous experience, on-the-job training, must be able to read and write, may require a high school diploma.
  • Skilled: Must be able to read, have previous mining experience, and possibly may require some training or certification.
  • Apprenticeship trades: Must be a journeyman or certified tradesperson.
  • Office: A minimum a high school diploma with some training or experience
  • Technical: Requires a technical college diploma. (one- or two-year program).
  • Semi-professional: College degree (two to four years).
  • Professional: Four-year college degree plus Masters, or Ph.D.


Mining pays well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, production and nonsupervisory miners earned a median wage of $29/hr. and management positions earned a median salary of $59/hr. in 2018.

Mining is a demanding career, but it’s an incredibly diverse, continually evolving industry, which offers growth opportunities, as well as travel options. Whether your interest is in the sciences, financial services, office administration, or fieldwork, mining may be a great choice.

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