You would be hard put to find someone who has never made a New Year’s Resolutions concerning their career. It is equally challenging to find someone who made – and kept – their New Year’s Career Resolution. Let’s be honest here – you probably belong in both groups – You’ve made career resolutions, and there have been times you have failed to keep them. So, what can you do to change the status quo?

Set goals/resolutions with value. What is valuable to you? What matters the most concerning your work/career?

Resolutions tend to fall flat unless we change something in our behavior. What do you want to change? What steps will you need to follow – change doesn’t just happen; it takes specific, intentional, committed action.

Some tips to help your career-enhancing goals:

Between now and January 21st, set aside specific times of personal reflection. Consider these questions and record your answers –

  • What are my top professional accomplishments in 2020? What actions, principles, etc., enabled me to attain this accomplishment?
  • What is my biggest regret? What did I learn from it, and how can I apply that lesson to the future?
  • I really _____________ my job because __________, __________, and __________.
  • If I could learn one new skill this year, what would it be? Why? What would it require of me to accomplish it? Is it as simple as spending a few hours participating in a webinar, or will it require more commitment, such as taking classes and earning certification?

Review your answers and determine what will be your 2021 career plan.

  • Break it down into steps.
  • Is there someone in your network who can help you?
  • Do you need to save money for expenses before signing up for a class?
  • How long will the process take? What is a reasonable amount of time to plan for? Too much pressure will defeat you before you start. Too little will make it easy to put off action.

Make a record of your plan.

  • Schedule checkpoints for yourself. Deadlines for specific actions, and well as times for review.
  • Ask someone to hold you accountable – to give advice and keep tabs on your progress.
  • Set reward markers – points in your plan where you celebrate your progress.

Reaching a career milestone is significant. Sometimes it helps you move forward with your current employer, and sometimes it opens the door to change. Gillmann Services is here to help you make the right choice and find work with the right company. Contact us today and kick off the New Year with an action plan for new career accomplishments.