Encouraging your employees to grow and self-develop is incredibly beneficial — both to you and your employee!

• Employee growth benefits you as a company when employees use new skills on the job.
• Employees who feel there is an opportunity for growth are more likely to remain with the company, saving you the prohibitive cost of frequent turnover.
• It benefits the employee when they take the lessons they learn into their personal life. Remember, people are not one-dimensional. Their emotional, mental, and physical experiences — at work and home — are all intertwined.

5 ways you can start promoting growth today!

1. Schedule one-on-one discussions
Promoting growth and development starts with relationships. Take the time to meet with each of your team members. Make this one-to-one a regular part of your schedule. Collaborate on a growth plan for their role and department. Ask good questions like these:
• What is going well right now?
• What has been a challenge?
• How are you feeling about your job in comparison with your skill level?
• Are there gaps in your skillset for this current project? How can I help?
These types of meetings establish two-way communication and let your employees know you value them.

2. Involve Employees in Goal Setting
Involve your employees in overall goals for the whole team, especially during company or crew-wide meetings. Next, guide them to self-examine their own work and how it plays into those ultimate goals. Ask them what projects and plans they think need improvement. Finally, get their thoughts on how you can help them in those areas. Three great questions for these conversations are:
• Are we currently doing things the best way?
• What are we not doing that we should be doing?
• What are we doing that is no longer a critical system?

3. Make Skill Development a Priority
Making upskilling and personal development a part of your culture starts with you prioritizing it. Ensure that training and onboarding materials, growth opportunities, certifications, or outside training are accessible and advertised to your employees. The bottom line is that employees know development is available and are encouraged to participate.

4. Cross-Train
Cross-training looks different from one company to the next. Furthermore, it is not always easy to put together the resources and time to train across the “departmental aisle,” so to speak. On the other hand, it is one of the most significant ways to promote upskilling within your business. Cross-training not only increases the wheelhouse of skills for an employee but also ensures that you aren’t left in a lurch when someone takes a vacation or calls in sick.

5. Establish a Mentoring Program
Mentoring programs are different from you sitting down with each employee for a one-to-one. Instead, mentoring programs place peers among peers for guidance. Create a program where your employees can help one another with growth! And even though your managers should have a coach’s mentality, an employee may feel more comfortable approaching an older peer.

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