“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” —G.K. Chesterton

 American veterans bring strength and resilience to our country’s workforce. Veterans reenter civilian life equipped with deeply rooted character traits of discipline and loyalty, as well as a no-nonsense work ethic. Their training has made them strategic and deliberate. So, winning them to your team will require equally strategic and deliberate recruiting.

Define Your Goals

Create a path forward by defining what you want in your veteran candidates. Define the specific skills you require. What attitudes do you seek? Do your research and target specific military branches or occupational specialties while recruiting.

Build an Appealing Business Model

Attract veterans to your firm by creating a culture that draws them. Teamwork, structure, integrity, and personal accountability are essential to veterans. Create a robust and authentic support system for veterans and their families. Stay involved by engaging in conversation with veterans in your community.


Involve yourself in local veteran communities and events. Develop a strong and genuine campaign to let veterans in your area know you are hiring. Job fairs, virtual hiring events, social media, and networking are all excellent ways to get the word out.


Retaining veterans is no different from retaining other employees. Treat them fairly. Respect their work and their time. Build relationships with them. As a leader in your company, understand their unique needs as well as their unique gifts.

Our veterans have proved their merit through tough training and possibly even combat. They thought enough of us to set aside personal comfort so they could safeguard our freedoms. Let’s show equal respect for them by acknowledging the qualities that make them an asset to our country and the American workforce.

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