Is it time to give your office and administrative space a good sprucing up? (In skilled and industrial labor, even your truck cab can act as a mini office and deserves some extra love and attention from time to time.) Maintaining a clean and organized environment on the job site can be challenging, making it even more necessary to give your space an occasional once-over to stay on top of things.

An organized and clean environment boosts productivity, promotes better time management, and prevents jobs and tasks from “falling through the cracks.”  Plus, few people thrive in chaos, and keeping your working space (whether that’s a workbench or an administration desk) efficient and organized is a mood booster.

Tips and Tricks

Have a Process 

It’s best to start with the area closest to you and work outward. Your primary workstation should be your priority. After that, divide whatever space you’re cleaning into sections and tackle them one at a time. Another effective strategy is to create “piles” of all the different items lying around — tools, paper, pens, safety paraphernalia, etc. Group them by their function and then put them away accordingly.

Get Rid of All the Paper 

Paper is a colossal clutter hazard. Memos, work orders, extra note-pads, scrawled-out notes, and reminders take up room and create a messy appearance. Keep your trash can handy! Be merciless and throw away all unnecessary paper scraps. File the critical papers in a convenient place for your reference.

Sort Through Your Supplies

Sticky notes, rulers, staplers, pens, and small hand tools might be things you use every day. But do you need all of them out in the open all of the time? Keep your most relevant supplies close by, either in a drawer or right on your desk.  Anything else can go into a supply closet, tool chest, or perhaps an overhead bin.

Evaluate the Non-Essentials 

Do you have clutter lying around that should be sold or thrown away? From the desk calendar you never use to extra storage containers or those 12 pairs of work gloves; if it isn’t serving a purpose, throw, store, sell, or give it away.

Wipe Things Down

Now that you’ve cleared the area, it’s time to get down to business. Dirt and dust are very prevalent on a job site, so keeping things sanitary is essential. When cleaning, start at the “top” and work your way to the “bottom.” Dust and wipe any hard surface with disinfectant wipes. In some cases, old-fashioned soap and water will do the trick. Next, use compressed air to clean out those “hard to reach” areas, and don’t forget to vacuum and mop the floors!

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