It’s no secret that motivated, engaged employees, are worth their weight in gold. Not only does it increase productivity, improve performance, and boost your profit margins, but it makes the work day a more pleasant experience for everyone! As a leader in your company, it’s up to you to motivate your employees. Especially when the days are long and the work is hard, as is the norm with skilled labor. While you can’t control their attitudes, there are a couple of other factors you do have control over. So here are the –

Top 5 Things Employees Need to Stay Motivated

  1. Efficient Work Site 

Make sure that you run an organized and efficient job site. Are your systems and workflows well structured and easy to follow? Do you have up-to-date and current technology? Are your tools and machinery well-maintained and operating for your crew members? There’s little more un-motivating than being expected to perform at high levels with substandard tools.

  1. Clear Communication 

Communication will always be a top contributor to successful management – including motivating employees. They need to know what’s required of them: for their particular roles, projects, and individual job sites — not to mention daily tasks. If they don’t know your expectations, how can you expect them to be motivated from day to day? Clearly, communicating this empowers them to do their jobs well and stay engaged.

  1. Verbal Recognition 

Praise and recognition are a big deal. Your crew members work hard and need to know you see and appreciate their effort. People respond to praise differently, so it’s vital to learn what makes each of your employees feel valued. (Some people blossom under public recognition, while others would much rather receive a private email or thank you.)  It’s essential to recognize specific actions rather than just overall effort. A few tips for verbal recognition:

    • Use their name — people respond to hearing and being addressed by name
    • Include the specifics of the significant contribution you appreciate
    • Give the recognition promptly — no more than a couple of days following the action
  1. Incentives 

Another way to motivate your employees is to offer incentives. Incentives are like goals, something for them to strive toward. Incentive programs based on healthy competition are incredibly motivating. Or perhaps it’s a bonus program or commission structure. Maybe you could even offer to cover the cost of extra certifications and training – another excellent strategy for retention!

  1. The Bigger Picture 

The day-to-day work of skilled labor can create a bit of tunnel vision towards the tasks right at the forefront. It’s easy to forget that every job contributes to a bigger picture. Ensure each team member knows what part they are playing in that bigger picture, not just for specific projects but for your whole company. It gives them purpose, and purpose provides a reason to stay motivated and engaged.

  1. Respect 

It’s essential to build relationships based on respect with your employees. Respect them as individuals. Respect their time, ideas, and input. Earn their respect as well via integrity and honest, genuine relationships. This mutual respect is powerful and motivates employees to do their best.

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