One of our recent blogs encouraged men and women to consider trade skills. Getting them into the arena is only one step. Companies must be intentional about attracting and retaining skilled trades talent.


Attracting Talent

Partner with Schools

High Schools

  • Meet with administrators. Obtain insight into students who have a high potential for excelling in skilled trades
  • Participate in college nights. Trade schools have earned a place of respect. Educate students on the advantage of far less school debt and stepping into the workforce faster. While trade skills involve hard physical work, it is also stimulating and can be adventurous.

Trade Schools

  • Partner with trade schools and gain an inside track to graduates
  • Get your brand in front of students before they graduate.

Partner with Organizations Promoting Women in Trades.

While they are designed to help women break into trades, your connection can support their mission and open the door to talent for your company. Some of these organizations are:

Don’t ignore the pool of talent women represent. Make sure your company has policies in place, ensuring a comfortable working environment that will not tolerate harassment.

Retaining Talent

Partner with Your Talent

  • Understand the needs and wants of your talent audience.
  • Encourage and maintain active communication between skilled workers and management – ensure your company is one team – not two.
  • Actively demonstrate opportunities for career growth and advancement.
  • Stay up with technology
  • Focus on the earning potential of your jobs and provide attractive benefits.
  • Recognize each worker’s value and skills. Acknowledge, and reward achievements.
  • Express your appreciation regularly.

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