Many Millennials grew up believing a college degree was the best, if not only, course following high school graduation. Comparisons between white-collar and blue-collar jobs left the trade skills like electricians and plumbers lagging. The perception was that a college degree would provide higher earning potential. Furthermore, blue-collar jobs were stigmatized as physically demanding, dirty jobs that only uneducated people choose. Additional misconceptions continue that keep young people from choosing to learn a skilled trade, including –

Trade Skills Are Physically Demanding: Several jobs in the skilled trades, such as construction and warehouse jobs, are physically demanding. However, many skilled trades careers are technologically-based, requiring fine motor skills. Upholstery repair, automotive or airplane mechanics, cabinetmakers, and carpenters are all examples of trade skills requiring more fine motor skills than physical strength.

Low paying. Most skilled trade jobs have high earning potential, paying well above minimum wage. For example, an airplane mechanic or plumber makes, on average, $57K. Trade skills also have the advantage of avoiding extensive college debt, providing greater immediate freedom regarding their earnings.

Trade skills are for men only. However, trade skills are no longer a ‘man’s world.’ Many women are not only choosing but also being recruited for these jobs. Women comprise 46.6% of the workforce, so choosing a trade skill is logical and smart.

Unrewarding. People entering the workforce assume skilled labor jobs will be boring and unimportant. But, in reality, there are many positives associated with trade skills. For example, the opportunity to work outdoors, challenge, adventure, travel, and great camaraderie with their team.

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