The 4th of July is just around the corner! The holiday is always a much loved and festive occasion, with lots of fun ways to celebrate. However, the festivities are not without some risks. So as you and your family celebrate Independence Day, staying safe is important!

Firework Safety: 

Everyone loves a good firework show. There’s something so grand and patriotic about the colorful explosions filling the night sky. While some communities put on public firework shows, many enjoy doing their own. However, considering that every year the ER receives quite a few firework-related visitors, wisdom calls for following these safety tips:

    • Keep it legal — follow the law regarding fireworks in your township.
    • Don’t ever allow young children to use fireworks unsupervised.
    • Never light them indoors.
    • Light only one at a time.
    • Wear protective eye gear while lighting them.
    • Don’t handle fireworks while drinking alcohol.
    • Don’t point the fireworks toward people, structures, vehicles, animals, or flammable objects.
    • Read and follow the caution and instruction labels before lighting.
    • Keep water or a fire extinguisher close by (just in case!).
    • Don’t try to relight one that seems to be a lemon.
    • Before use, keep fireworks in a cool, dark place.
    • To dispose of, water down before placing them in a metal trash can or container.
    • Be careful of sparklers — they seem harmless, but they heat up to  1800°F – 3000°F — so be careful when giving them to children.

Picnic and Grill Safety: 

What would the 4th of July be without a good BBQ and a picnic? Once again, safety is key. Here are tips to keep everyone safe as you enjoy all the good burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad you can eat!

    • Clean your grill before use.
    • Use tools like long-handled tongs, gloves, and brushes to protect against burning.
    • Always settle your grill on a hard, even surface.
    • Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes while playing grill-master.
    • Grill in open spaces, and never indoors.
    • Make sure to cook meat to safe temps — chicken at 165°F and burgers at 160°F.
    • Don’t let perishable food sit outside for longer than two hours.
    • Keep coolers handy with ice packs to help you keep cold food safe and cool.
    • Keep lots and lots of water on hand to protect from dehydration.
    • Make sure you’re washing your hands often, or keep hand sanitizer close by.

Water Safety: 

Spending the day at the pool or the lake is another favorite 4th of July pastime, and hyper-awareness is the name of the game regarding water safety! Here are some things to watch out for –

    • Ensure everyone either knows how to swim or is correctly fitted with life jackets.
    • Keep a close watch on young children.
    • Never jump into unknown waters head first.
    • Have life jackets available, even for the best of swimmers.
    • Pay attention to your surroundings, such as:
      • Changes in the weather.
      • Changes in the current.
      • Animal or vegetation life around you.
      • Other activities, such as other swimmers or boaters.
      • Sudden drop-offs, indicating changes in depth.
      • If a thunderstorm approaches, leave the water immediately and don’t return until at least 30 minutes after the last thunderclap.

Safety is a big deal to us at Gillmann Services Inc., which is why we make sure all of our clients and our candidates care about it too. So from us to you —

Stay Safe and Have a Happy 4th!