Big data describes a large volume of data a business accumulates from various sources within a specific period. The insights big data provides goes beyond that of traditional data collection systems. The construction industry recognizes the real value of big data and has begun to harness, analyze, and use it to make more informed business decisions.

Sources of Construction Data

Big data derives from multiple sources; it comes from people, computers, machines, sensors, and other data-generating devices or agents.

In the construction industry, it can relate to plans and records, and input from on-site workers, material supply chains, earthmovers, and various tools and machinery.


There are several ways construction companies benefit from big data throughout the design, building, and operational phases of a project.

Design Phase

  • Big data, including building design and modeling, stakeholder input, environmental data, and social media conversations, can be used to determine both which project and the exact location of the project.

Building Phase

  • Big data from weather, traffic, and community and business activity can be analyzed to determine the best time to plan the phases of a project.
  • Machine sensors provide input that can show active and idle time, the best equipment to use, how to use fuel more efficiently, how to lower costs, and be more ecologically sound.
  • Geolocation of equipment can eliminate downtime, can improve logistics, and make spare parts available when needed.


  • Big data from built-in building sensors, bridges, or other construction makes it possible to monitor each at various levels of performance.
  • Energy conservation in malls, office blocks, and other buildings can be tracked for conformity to design goals.
  • Traffic stress information and levels of flexing in bridges can be recorded to detect any unusual or potentially dangerous events.
  • Data can be fed back into building information modeling(BIM) systems to schedule maintenance activities as required.

Knowledge is power, and big data is a significant, innovative source of knowledge in today’s construction environment. Analyzing data quickly and efficiently can give construction companies the leading edge over competitors, promoting business growth.

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