In a previous article, “Hot Trends in the Construction Industry for 2020,” we highlighted a few hot trends in the construction industry.

These new, high-tech trends require construction companies to seek out workers with more precise skillsets and formal education, which presents recruiting challenges.

Industry Challenges

All industries share the same, ongoing issues as the national construction industry, a lack of skilled and not so skilled workers for several reasons:

  • Each year, more highly skilled Baby Boomers are retiring
  • Federal regulations
  • Low unemployment translates to tough competition when recruiting
  • Upcoming generations are gravitating to IT positions.

Although the industry is strong, companies cannot take on projects without an appropriate workforce. Consider these tips to helping you add skilled workers to your roster.

  • Advance Hiring: There’s no time like the present to hire workers. The worst time to hire is when you’re under the gun. Create a hiring protocol that is year-round and always keep your eyes open for skilled talent.
  • Job Descriptions: Begin with clear, concise, and engaging job descriptions. Know precisely what you’re looking for before you compose your ad.
  • Cast a Wide Net: The best hiring managers have no limit on their strategies and think out-of-the-box outreach.
    • Staffing companies
    • Job fairs
    • Tech schools and community colleges
    • Referrals
    • Employee referral bonuses
    • Social media
    • Newspaper and trade magazine ads
  • Skill-Based Hiring First: Stay on target. Focus on an applicant’s skills and experience – the skills you need in an extremely competitive market.
  • Beyond Skills: Keep in mind the skills you will need in the future. Sometimes an applicant isn’t right for the job you are currently filling but will be a great asset in another position. Pay attention to their aptitude for learning as well as their cultural fit.
  • Know the Environment: Highly skilled Millennials and GenZ workers are driven by a different set of factors than Baby Boomers and GenX. Learn what those factors are, and appeal to the best workers in the industry.
    • Company culture
    • Clear and open communication
    • Advancement opportunities
    • Ability to provide input
    • Training opportunities
    • Serving a greater good and making an impact

In summary, the construction industry is on target for continued growth in 2020, but lacks workers with the skills conducive to the new technologically advanced field of construction. Hiring all year round will eliminate the need for last-minute scrambling. In this, our fourth Industrial Revolution, you need to think out-of-the-box and employ recruitment strategies that stretch beyond the norm.

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